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How to make Bubble Bag Hash   
So you are excited about getting your bubble bags ...Now only one problems might remain...You have no idea how to use them! All you have to do is follow the simple steps which are enlisted below and you should be fast on your way to success..


-Remember also that using bubble bags is the the most efficient and effective way of making hash. I guarantee that using other materials will simply not live up to your standards... One small piece of bubble hash - the size of a 1/2 a grain of rice will put you on your ass - 10 times stronger then any Imported hash you have ever smoked before - and the good thing is you can make it from your kitchen table.

  • Use an empty 5 Gallon bucket and line them with your bubble bags...starting with the 25u and ending with your 220u ...This enables the proper filtration process.
  •  First one layer of ice  - take your trimmings and shake from your stash and put it into the 220u bag with lots of ice,  as you are aiming for the THC crystals (trichomes) to break off and fall to the bottom of the bucket---(where they will be filtered).
  • Now fill the bucket up with very cold water 6 inches from the top, so you have a perfect balance between the material substance and the liquid to mix it with.
  • Now add extra ice .
  • Use a wooden spoon to mix, rather then an electric mixer, so you don't rough up the trichomes heads.
  • Mix for 15-20 minutes.
  • As you mix, the substance of the much will begin breaking down...This is a good sign.
  • As you mix, you want to work your way from the bottom to the top...You will hear the ice crunching against the walls. You want to generate friction in order for the trichomes to break off from the rest of the trim. After they break off, they will settle at the bottom.
  • If the herbs are nice and fresh, the mash will have a nice "minty-green" tint.
  • Once you are finished mixing, let the bucket sit for 15 minutes while the THC sinks to the bottom of the first bag.--(If you let it sit for even a little longer, sometimes you get a little bit more of a yield, because you have given it that much more time to settle.)
  • The hash will get purer and purer for each filtering process it will go through.
  • THC are little glands that grow out from the marijuana vegetation. They glisten and look a lot like crystals of sugar, hence; THC "crystals"
  • Now, the first bag is called the "catch bag". 220 will be marked on the side of the bubble bag
  • Lift this first "catch bag" out of the bucket and twist it up into a little ball, draining the water into the bucket and allowing the THC to filter through into the next bag.  --(note that this filtering system is the same concept as using coffee filters)
  • Now begin extracting the second bag...Twist it up as all the water will continue to filter through. Drain it using a "jerking up" technique. -Boys will have no problem with this lol girls might take a little more practice
  • Now begin extracting the third bag...This bag will be the first producer of hashish. It will have a very grainy weight to it.
  • Same as always, filter the water and jerk the bag up until all you have at the bottom is the globby balls of hash...keep jerking the bag up until all the little globs accumulate into one big ball.
  • Spoon the hash off the  bottom and put it on your pressing screen.
  • Rinse what is left on the bag into the water of the next bag. -- (this ensures you are getting everything you can get, by catching it into the next filtering system)
  • Begin extracting the fourth bag...The amount of hash at the bottom of the membrane will be substantially more this time.
  • Bounce the bag around until it is completely drained of water and roll all the clumps of hash together, using the same "jerking up" movement.
  • Spoon it out and put it on your pressing screen.
  • Now begin extracting the fifth bag.
  • Drain the water through the bottom as always, ball up the glumps of hash and spoon it out.
  • Now begin extracting the sixth bag...This hash will be very nice and creamy as it has gone through a very perfectionist filtering system.
  • Drain the water, spoon out the hash
  • Now begin extracting the seventh bag...This is the last bag! This bag will take the longest to drain as the membranes at the bottom are the thinest, so it will catch absolutely everything that has been left over, plus filter out more pollutants then any of the previous bags...
  • Have patience in draining this bag, it will take a longer time...The reward, however, will be more then enough to make you wait!
  • You gotta keep bouncing the bag to prevent the holes from being plugged up. Remember they are very tiny.
  • Scrape it out, compress, then let dry...

 Note that once again, per bag extraction, the hash will go from grainy to smooth, because of the size of the membranes in the filter bags

 Bravo! Now you are aware of all the steps which are required in using your bubble bags to make some amazing  hashish!  I really do think it's time to start thinking more like our friends in BC and of course, our Jamaican brothers! SMOKE AWAY!

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